Giving Peas a Chance

Up next on Malcolm’s food journey: peas!

This one’s just as simple as the rest, and I think all baby food must be, or you’re going to say “Screw it,” and go get 300 jars of Gerber at Costco.

Blanch some frozen peas, pulverize them in the food processor, and you’re done. The frozen peas are already blanched, but it’s probably a good idea to do it yourself for the small chance of infection in the packing process. You may need to add a little water in the food processor to get the baby food consistency you’re looking for.

We tried a baby food grinder, but it left all the pea husks behind. There are nutrients in them there husks! So now we do big batches in the food processor and freeze them in ice-cube trays.

eating peas
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They weren’t a big hit at first, whether because of a new thicker texture he wasn’t used to or just the raw green flavor. A trick we’ve used here and with the rice cereal is to cut it with a little formula (Yes, I know: baby formula the ultimate processed food. Believe me, we can’t wait to wean him off of it.). It gives him a flavor he’s familiar with while he learns the new flavor. It only took a few tries, and now he happily eats them straight.

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