Somerville Winter Farmers’ Market

The whole family went to the Somerville Winter Farmers’ Market on Saturday. We saw a lot of nice produce and locally made products, and got a nice walk in as well.

The market started in January 2011 and ran a couple of months to help fill the gap between the usual farmers’ market season up here, which only runs from June to October. It expanded this year to completely cover the interim period. There were far fewer people there this time than there were the earlier times I’ve been. Many factors could have been in play: 1) We went early in the day, almost right when the market opened, 2) It’s getting close to the “end” of the winter market season, and 3) in its second year and with an expanded schedule, maybe some of the novelty has worn off. While it was definitely nice not fighting crowds just to see what was for sale, I hope the sellers are still doing enough business to keep it going.

The Sellers

Baby Kale and Root Veggies

Speaking of the sellers, there were many. I’m not going to get them all, but some that I remember are:

We had coincidentally picked up a half-gallon of Shaw Farm milk at Whole Foods a couple of days before. They were also selling butter by the pound and half pound that would have beenĀ irresistibleĀ if we hadn’t just bought butter. In fact, we came home nearly empty-handed because of our ill-timed grocery run and full fridge at home. Next time we’ll wait to go grocery shopping until after our trip to the farmers’ market.

What We Bought

But what did we come home with?

  • mixed field greens
  • dried heirloom beans (kind of resembled lighter black-eyed peas – call them brown-eyed peas)
  • dried cranberries (no sugar added) for salads and our morning muesli
  • fresh apple cider donuts

Those donuts are my kryptonite.

We had the field greens as a side salad with the lamb chops I made for dinner (super-simple recipe forthcoming). We’ll be adding the dried cranberries to salads and our morning muesli/oatmeal (super-simple recipe also forthcoming), and beans are delicious anytime.

The Verdict

It’s a nice trip for a morning activity. The Somerville Armory is about 1 2/3 miles from our house, so it’s a good walk. We took a little break in Davis Square on the way back, which was also nice. What did Malcolm think about it? This about sums it up:

malcolm yawning
Boring, yawn-yawn!