And We’re Back

Hi, everybody. It’s been a while.

Between taking care of Malcolm, and the stifling heat of summer (we don’t have central air, so the kitchen gets REALLY hot), we didn’t do much cooking for ourselves over the last few months (Malcolm still gets home-cooked veggies and grains for every meal). At least nothing really new or interesting.

Yes, that means a lot of takeout. Yes, that goes against what we’re trying to do here. We’re not perfect (did I mention how hot it was?).

But we’re back. We love to cook more when it’s cooler out, and our winter farmers’ market is so much more convenient than our summer ones. In addition, our newest local addition, M.F. Dulock finally opened. We’ve been looking forward to that since last winter. We received a nice variety of meat cuts and sausages as a result of helping their Indiegogo campaign, so we’ve got a lot of great meat dishes queued up that we’ve been working on.

As a side note, posting at the schedule I was trying to hit (3 times a week) was a bit much for our busy lives. I’m going to shoot more for once a week. That’ll help keep me sane and attentive to the other parts of life I need to¬†attend to.

Finally, if you’re interested in handcrafts, I encourage you to check out my wife Mia’s newest blog foray at And if in some strange coincidence, you’re interested in JavaScript and front-end web development, you can see my other persona over at

We have some great recipes coming up, starting tomorrow with a cassoulet-inspired “French Baked Beans” dish I came up with.