Rock Removal

Rock Removal Experts
  • 4/26—Temp: 36–52F, Precip: 0.00″
  • 4/25—Temp: 30–51F, Precip: 0.00″
  • 4/24—Temp: 32–41F, Precip: 0.00″
  • 4/23—Temp: 32–44F, Precip: 0.13″
  • 4/22—Temp: 30–61F, Precip: 0.10″
  • 4/21—Temp: 35–57F, Precip: 0.50″
  • 4/20—Temp: 37–45F, Precip: 0.49″
  • 4/19—Temp: 33–61F, Precip: 0.00″

Started removing sod as soon as ground was workable.

Found a large boulder about 1″ below surface in the first pass.

Took several days of concerted digging and levering to cajole it out.

Used 2x4s as levers, fallen tree branches and handy rocks as fulcra. Lifted inch-by-inch and backfilled with soil and sod.

Received 1 rhubarb crown from D. Wood. Planted 3 ft. east of planned garden beds. Small segment separated from crown. Planted separately to see if it’ll take.