japanese barberry

Preparing the Beds

  • 5/15—Temp: 34–68F, Precip: 0.00″

After sod (and boulder) removed, did the following over several weeks:

  • Removed larger rocks and roots
  • Double-dig
  • Remove about 12″ of topsoil
  • Use a garden fork to loosen the next 12″ of substrate
  • Spread a layer of compost
  • Re-cover with topsoil
  • Add soil amendments as prescribed by the extension service

Root system of former fruit trees surprisingly vast.

Only added 1 cubic foot of compost per 20 square feet of substrate (versus recommended 1 cubic foot per 6-12 square feet). Hopefully quality of existing soil means this isn’t a mistake.

Once an entire bed (80 sq ft) had been double-dug, added the amendments suggested by the extension service:

Extension service recommended 2.88 lb. sul-po-mag (0-0-22), but Agway only had potash (0-0-60). Hopefully calculated conversion correctly.

2.88 lb @ 22% = 0.6336 lb. potassium = 1.056 lb. potash @ 60%

Dad pointed out that thick beautiful thorny shrub alive with bees and which gets beautiful red berries in winter is likely Japanese Barberry, an invasive species which should be removed.