Clearing and Pruning

  • 6/14—Temp: 55–80F, Precip: 0.00″
  • 6/13—Temp: 60–81F, Precip: 0.02″
  • 6/12—Temp: 55–82F, Precip: 0.19″
  • 6/11—Temp: 64–82F, Precip: 0.00″

It’s been a warm few days.

Put lilac pruning class into practice. Clearing tons of overgrown areas (will probably be around 500 sq ft total) and pruning lilacs and forsythia.

Pretty much definite to take down shrubs closest to either side of driveway.

Brush pile in driveway continues to grow. Hopefully ready to be picked up and chipped by end of next week.

Pulled row cover off of second bed. Black beans several inches tall with big leaves. Everything else looking good, though it seems a couple of okra and a couple of zucchini didn’t germinate. Still should be plenty.