Everything Sprouts

Installing Tomato Antennas
Installing Tomato Antennas
  • 6/7—Temp: 37–72F, Precip: 0.00″
  • 6/6—Temp: 46–71F, Precip: 0.00″
  • 6/5—Temp: 51–75F, Precip: 0.00″
  • 6/4—Temp: 48–68F, Precip: 0.00″

Left 5 June for wedding in New Jersey. Watered heavily that morning. Tomatoes had begun to struggle at floating row cover.

Returned 7 June. Removed row cover from entire front bed. All plantings in front bed have sprouted.

Despite cool temperatures nearly everything in back bed has also sprouted, even watermelon and zucchini. Bean and onion sprouts about 2 inches. Okra, watermelon, and zucchini about half an inch. Garlic still underground (planted 4 inches deep).