Starting Onions

This year, we’re starting some seeds indoors. Last year was an experiment in figuring out what we could grow by direct-seeding (except for some tomato starters we purchased and some kale we were given). It mostly worked well, with some exception.

Apparently the first thing we needed to start, though, was our onions, and that should have been around February 1. What’re you gonna do?

I started 72 seeds of Dakota Tears onions from High Mowing Organic Seeds in moistened Pro-Mix Organic Seed Starting Mix. I barely pressed them into the soil and dusted another thin coating of the soil mix over them.

We keep the house at 65° during the day and it drops to 55–60° at night.

Dakota Tears Onion

Mid-sized yellow storage onion selected for vigor, size, storability, and insect resistance. Long day. 112 days

Cool-season biennial grown as annual. Direct sow in mid-spring or start transplants at 50–90° 10–12 weeks before planting out. Sow 1/4″ deep using 20 seeds/ft thinned to 3–6″ apart in rows 18–30″ apart