Bob is a Senior Software Engineer. He values work that contributes to the broader social good, and is dedicated to maintaining an open, interoperable web.

Bob's experience in web development spans two decades and dozens of clients. Before Bocoup, he worked for Sapient Global Markets, and was previously the Associate Director of UI Development for Genuine Interactive. He has contributed to several open source projects including jQuery and the W3C’s web-platform-tests project.

Bob holds a degree in economics from Georgia Tech where he focused on the behavior of populations and why people make the choices they do. He leverages this background in his consulting and application development work. He strives to understand how a project's design decisions incentivize (or disincentivize) users and what the unintentional consequences of those decisions may be. For his senior thesis, he developed an economic model that demonstrates the vital importance of clear documentation and helpful tutorials to the success of open source projects.

Bob is detailed and analytical—something that translates from his programming into his hobbies (such as knitting and gardening) as well as his public service as a member of both the Planning Board and Master Plan Steering Committee in his adopted hometown of Peterborough, New Hampshire.