Bob Holt


boy wearing a Green Bay Packers hat and New England Patriots sweatshirt

Whose kid is this? Y’all better come get him.

October 28, 2018

black and white photo of seven people sitting in auditorium seating color photo of seven people standing in a group with woman in center holding a trophy

7/9ths of the Glass Museum Board of Directors in the house for The Ruth & James Ewing Arts Awards.

We won in the Presenter of the Arts category.

Here is a video highlighting our exploits:

July 25, 2018

man and boy screaming while man holds a handful of pumpkin innards over a hollowed-out pumpkin

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2017

boy with cherry cheeks bundled up in hat, coat, and snow pants covered in snow

My-Kid Path-Shoveler returns to the longhouse for a flagon of OJ.

April 1, 2017

man with beard, trucker cap, and glasses looking down

Knitting at the semiannual Broke Arts Fair

Photo by Ben Conant

November 19, 2016

My son did some home renovation this morning.

August 25, 2016

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