Bob Holt

I have been building for the web since 1997 and practicing full-stack engineering since 2008. I have experience in UI design, software architecture, programming, and engineering management. I have programmed in Go, JavaScript, Python, Scala, C#, and SQL. I delight in building nimble and resiliant architecture, and am currently plying my trade at at Splice.

I have too many hobbies, but am currently “focused” on photography, knitting, music, powerlifting, reading and writing speculative fiction, and doggedly insisting that past performance is indicative of future events as it comes to fantasy football.

Professional Experience

Principal Engineer

Splice • 2022–present

  • Serve as data and engineering advisor to CFO and finance team
  • Reassess system design and architecture in partnership with chief architect and other principal engineers
  • Ensure consistent and successful daily data extraction and processing

Consulting Principal Engineer

Self-employed • 2021

  • Empowered teams of engineers to build software in a cross-functional, collaborative manner
  • Identified, documented, and implemented reusable patterns for writing testable and maintainable code
  • Brought trustworthiness to currency trading platform by refactoring all transactions to be idempotent
  • Improved uptime of high-volume investment app by altering core code to use read replica database
  • Proposed and implemented feature flag system to improve safety and velocity of changes to codebase


Principal Engineer

Splice • 2017–2020

  • Led team responsible for rewriting of multi-million-dollar payments processing system
  • Designed and delivered Splice’s first external API and served as technical representative to partners
  • Drove high level strategy to model and rebuild Splice’s architecture using a Domain-Driven approach
  • Collaborated on reasoning and decisionmaking as a part of Software Architecture Review Committee


Senior Engineer

Bocoup, LLC • 2013–2017

  • Added support for Safari and Edge browsers to the W3C’s Web Platform Tests runner
  • Developed visualization-heavy React/D3 application to map and filter millions of database records
  • Delivered training to hundreds of students on topics ranging from basic HTML to architecting large-scale applications

JavaScript, React, Ampersand.js, Backbone.js, D3, NodeJS, Express, Grunt, Python, Flask, pytest, PHP, WordPress, Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, PostgreSQL, Web Workers, LaTeX


Sapient Global Markets (acquired by Publicis in 2015) • 2012–2013

  • Led joint Sapient/client team to modernize architecture and workflow for major financial firm
  • Modernized career paths, skills matrix, and job descriptions for Interactive Development group
  • Coached and provided code reviews to team members in the U.S., U.K., and India

JavaScript, BackboneJS, Grunt

Associate Director

Genuine Interactive • 2011–2012

  • Taught weekly basic JavaScript classes to members of the front-end development team
  • Created six-hour drug development simulation for a large multinational pharmaceutical firm
  • Oversaw development of first-of-its-kind online collection catalogue for Museum of Fine Arts

JavaScript, jQuery, BackboneJS, Adobe AIR, Grunt, PHP, Drupal, WordPress


Isobar • 2010–2011

  • Quickly cultivated working knowledge of new languages as needs arose
  • Refactored online fitness dashboard consisting of over 100k lines of JavaScript code
  • Joined .NET and JavaScript products to legacy client systems via RESTful Web Services

JavaScript, jQuery, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL

Web Producer

Boston University &bull 2009–2010

  • Devised information architecture and initial design of BU’s first online-only course catalog
  • Developed custom themes and plugins for WordPress MU
  • Presented site design proposals and WordPress training to professors, deans, and provosts

JavaScript, PHP, WordPress

Web Application Developer

Oasis Technology Partners (acquired by Rightpoint in 2016) • 2008–2009

  • Wrote Windows Services to routinely compress, encrypt, and send database dumps to client
  • Administered high-traffic server and customer database for specialty apparel retail chain
  • Introduced jQuery to the development stack, replacing MooTools and PrototypeJS

JavaScript, jQuery, C#, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, SQL Server


Bachelor of Science, Economics

Minor, International Affairs • Georgia Institute of Technology • Atlanta, GA