Pray I don't alter it any further

My kid’s getting some snow day screen time while Mia’s out for a couple of hours and I’m working. His requests are becoming more specific:

  • A movie
  • A movie about dolphins
  • A movie about dolphins based on a true story (not made up).
  • A move about dolphins (bottlenose ONLY) based on a true story (not made up).

It’s like living with a tiny Darth Vader.

Thank goodness Amazon Prime Video has dolphin documentaries…

Darth Vader pointing at Boba Fett. Text reading 'I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.'

Wish List

My son has adamantly stated that he wants the game “Wow Pop” from Santa for Christmas. This is something that is entirely a figment of his imagination. But, I still catch myself starting to Google for it as though it was a real thing that actually exists.