Kid Quotes

“Why do people water their grass and then not like it when it gets tall?”

–my son, with one of the more scathing criticisms of suburbia I’ve ever heard.

Kid Quotes

Kid: “Hey, Dad, I can tell you something about your brain.”

Me: “Oh yeah, what?”

Kid: “The hippocampus is the part of the brain that stores the stuff you learn.”

Me: “…and where did you hear that?”

Kid: “At school. They teach you that in the first grade.”

Kid Quotes

My kid, watching kids in the town summer program:

“Why are they standing around staring up at the flag? Oh, that man is asking them questions about America and guys who are already dead.”

Kid Quotes

Oh, to be five:

“<SIGH> I was nailing this nail into this piece of wood, and the part of the wood with the nail in it broke off, and I can’t get the nail out, and CAN THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE?”